The New York Times

"Outstanding ensemble of young musicians"

"Cohesive yet full of temperament..vibrant, intelligent.."

Calgary Herald
Alberta, Canada

"They know what sounds rich and focused and they go with it, denying nothing of our expectations..." 

"Interpretive strength and robust characterization....commanding resonance..."

“After the Verona finished the fifth movement with a morendo non-vibrato ending, there was a...magnetic silence. No one dared move while the group held their bows still in midair. This was one of those irreplaceable moments of group experience that happen at concerts, when our individual selves fade out for a moment without breath – before we come back to ourselves to applaud.”

The Arts Fuse
Boston, MA

“a dramatically charged performance…the listening experience was pure pleasure”

Oregon ArtsWatch

San Diego Story


"It was delivered with delicate perfection by the Verona players, who play and breathe as one..."

La Presse
Montreal, Canada

"Verona: Pure Joy."

"Everything was clear, luminous, balanced, and the unbridled polyphony of the finale literally shook the hall."

Arcipelago Milano
Milan, Italy


"I confess that I have rarely heard a Ravel so clear, shiny, fluid, and a Beethoven so clean, sweet and feisty all at once, as on this occasion."

Classical Voice America

"Sensational, powerhouse performance..."

Musical America

New Artist of the Month Feature: "The four musicians of the Verona Quartet were encountering [Babbitt's] sophisticated 12-tone language for the first time—although a listener might never have suspected as much. Their electrifying realization of the work’s Stravinsky-esque drive and Bartókian rhythms and pizzicatos finally unlocked the secret to a composer whose music I had heretofore appreciated mostly for his puckish titles..."

The Amati Magazine
London, UK

"The Verona Quartet were more convincing...more impassioned, more dynamic and more engaging. Plenty of expression here, the players not afraid to go to dynamic extremes and always keeping the music supple."

San Diego Union Tribune

"..fiery ensemble work and big vibrant sound.."

Palm Beach Daily News 


"..the most intense and eerie five minutes of music one will hear this concert season.."

The Herald Times


"They're the real deal; they really are."

Cleveland Classical

"Individual parts blended into an organic whole, as if the entire quartet shared a brain...dynamic contrasts were fine tuned to perfection..."